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Guangdong ADWAY Construction (Group) holdings company Limited Decoration Design and Research Institute is China's professional design agency holding 2 National Grade A design qualifications. There are more than 30 team numbers composed of the international design consultants, experts of boutique hotel group and of various areas of design and senior consultants. Over the years, the Design Institute has been committed to high-end boutique hotel, office buildings, museums, hospital, banks, shopping malls and other large public space design and research with strong design capabilities. Its services include: hotel space design, commercial complex, office space design, villa model room design, public space design, mechanical and electrical design, curtain wall design, intelligent system design, landscape design, soft design, lighting design,etc.. Design Institute has a complete supporting facilities, experienced team and outstanding performance to international design standards.
ADWAY Design and Research Institute always adheres to the "decorate good life" philosophy, committed to creating 100 percent outstanding professional service, to improve the building space environment, and to promote the quality of life providing the best all-round quality service and value for domestic and foreign clients.
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